Tintagel Bridge

posted: Thursday, 05 September 2019

Ever since we saw the recent news about the new bridge at Tintagel it has been a hot topic of conversation as we discussed going on it and whether or not I and my fear of heights could cope...

Fast-forward a few weeks and I agreed to at least go and look at it...

So today we headed off to Tintagel and I have to say between the aid of modern medicine (and some Dutch Courage), plus not as much build-up to the bridge as I expected, before I knew it I was merrily walking across it thinking this was a smaller bridge leading up to the big bridge.

And it was more than worth it.

Tintagel is an utterly beautiful place where you feel like you're at the end of the Earth and surrounded by sea and striking coastline.

On the way out we couldn't resist doing the long walk the bridge avoids so we could go down to the beach and see Merlin's cave... and then walk uphill all the way back into town. We certainly earned ourt pasty and pint reward at the end!