More Inspiration From Others

posted: Thursday, 15 August 2019

After my previous posts about being inspired by what others have done with my projects I'm really pleased today to bring you an incredible version of my Ligilo Necklace beaded by the very talented Jane Saunders.

I have known Jane for many years now (though sadly we don't get to see each other as much as we used to) and she has always used incredible colours (even when she credits other people with the choice!) and produces her own amazing beadwork.

Jane took the Ligilo class with me back in May at the Great British Bead Show (using a colour scheme suggested by her daughter) and her finished piece (as shown here in a photo taken by her husband) is jaw-dropping and has really inspired me to go back to using more colour in my work.

I used to make very colourful beadwork but for some reason the last few years I feel like I have shifted to using metallics and more muted colours so hopefully Jane will inspire me to be bolder once again.

Who knows maybe I'll revive my old Colour Challenge Blog (I've just realised it's over a decade since I started that and I still haven't managed to finish the year challenge I set myself- oops).