Beading, Babbacombe And Beasts

posted: Tuesday, 06 August 2019

A trip down to Beads For Beauty today to teach a class tomorrow and I made the most of the train journey with some beading & testing some revised instructions.

I last visited Babbacombe 2 years ago and when on the beach swore that when I came back I'd get in the sea and today I managed to do that.

I'm terrified of being in water where I can't touch the bottom, but due to a ridge the gorgeous Oddicombe Beach only has 2 depths: up to your ankles or deep and so I ended up just 20 feet from the water's edge and deeper than I usually go.

Just as I was mentally congratulating myself on being so brave I was aware of something just a few feet from me, and expecting it to be a pedalo, turned around to check and was met by the sight of something very large and dark swirling like mad in the water about 8 feet from me... and I managed to get out of that water quicker than you could ever imagine!

It was soon obvious that whatever it was had got the attention of everyone else and after much discussion and worry from some people we guessed it wasn't the basking shark that was here a few months ago but was probably some seals 'fighting'.

Reassured I got back in the water... making sure there were plenty of other people between me and it.

You can see a video I shot on my phone here.