Crystal Pagoda Boxes

posted: Monday, 01 July 2019

Finally some news about my very long- awaited beaded boxes book!

I know many of you are very eager to see this as I get emails almost every day asking me about it, but sadly it is on the back-burner at the moment as I am just too busy to give it the dedicated time it deserves and need to concentrate on other work & my health before taking on the very big task of another book just yet.

So, as I know many of you have already waited literally years for me to realise any of the box instructions, I have made the decision to not make you wait any longer and will instead begin releasing them as patterns instead - beginning today with my Crystal Pagoda pattern.

There are 3 beaded box projects I'm scheduling to release (Crystal Pagodas today, Iskra Box in September and Peacock Pearl Box sometime in 2020).

I may still do a beaded boxes & vessel book, and if I do then any specific projects which have been released as patterns or kits won't be in it, so please don't worry about duplication.