Pause For Mind

posted: Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Edited to add: Sadly Mind have now let sponsorship and advertising infiltrate the boxes so I no longer support them or want to promote them

My first 'Pause For Mind' Box has arrived and I love it!

This is a monthly subscription box with a difference: 100% of the £7.50 cost is a donation to the mental health charity MIND.
Out of this £3.50 goes on the cost of the box, and postage, so you receive something lovely through the post to make you pause, and take care of yourself, and MIND receives a donation to continue their great work - a win all round!

This month's box is focused around photos and mementos with instructions & guidance on setting yourself a 10 day photography challenge as well as ways to help you help yourself with your mental health.
In addition there's a lovely notebook, some cards you can add your photos to and send, guidance on setting up a memento box for yourself (you can use the box it all comes in and the tissue paper included) and some very cute thread and pegs so you can hang your photos when done.

I'm blown away by how beautiful everything is and how thoughtfully it's all put together. I'm also looking forward to carving out the time to properly look through and use it all and have a little pause in my day.