posted: Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Beading is definitely a long process!

I envisaged & sketched this piece 8+ years ago but it took until July 2016 before I had a chance to put beads to thread to experiment with the idea.

That then led to many, many hours of experiments & samples before diving into my final idea.

I managed to complete the necklace this week and have been wear-testing it and am finally happy with the design & finished look so will be releasing it soon as a class for 2018-2019.

Now to finish the more ornate version...

Today is World MS Day and it's always a day that gets me pondering. It's about 8 years now since I first developed Multiple Sclerosis and it's been a bumpy road but I am very fortunate as mostly I am very well. Sadly this year I've struggled a lot with exhaustion and the use of my hands, which has led to me having to sleep & rest more, and prioritise what I can do with my energy from one day to the next. Too little sleep or getting unwell impacts me for weeks and this does seem to have been a year for colds & infections, All very frustrating when you have a million things you want to do!

But onwards & upwards and I'm still hacking away at my to-do list even if it will take me a bit longer to see the bottom of it.