Driving Date Near Disaster

posted: Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Living in London I have absolutely no need to drive, and will probably never own a car, but I'm itching for the potential freedom that having a driving licence will give me and so have once again begun the drawn-out process of trying to get a licence.

I did this first 25 years ago and then again 10 years ago and each time have stopped before success - but this time I can finally see it in my sight.

So, eager to get it all done the first step was booking my Theory Test and then obsessively revising every spare moment.

Today I spoke to a friend who asked me what time my test was tomorrow and I figured I'd better check only to realise it was in 5 hours time - arrghh!

So cue some more frantic revising and rushing to get there in time.

Thankfully I passed with 96% and was able to sit and celebrate with some good food & drink all whilst trying to resist the urge to revise some more, hoping that getting the date wrong wasn't a bad omen and being thankful that I'd unintentionally saved myself a sleepness night worrying about the test by messing up.

Now to get back behind the wheel again...