Yoga Retreat Day 1

posted: Friday, 18 May 2018

I've run away for a few days to a yoga retreat with a dear friend.

I've only ever done a few yoga classes but I needed to stretch, sleep & de-stress and this seemed the perfect solution.

We were both worried heading there but, as soon as we arrived and discovered just how lovely the venue (Warborne Farm) and everyone else there is, we soon relax and get ready to enjoy the weekend.

The farm is beautiful and the wonderful weather means that in-between meditating, yoga and eating delicious vegan food we get to explore and meet the animals which include some wonderful pet pigs which are like giant, noisy Labradors. They love being stroked and soon lie down and begin snoring which is just hilarious.

Before we went we weren't sure if alcohol was allowed, and smuggled some in, but we soon realised everyone's bag was clinking and it was clear that we could relax, crack open a bottle and enjoy a drink sitting outside in the beautiful countryside watching the sun go down.