Jubilee and Shared Star

posted: Friday, 11 May 2018

When I design any project I always try and give a lot of variations as I know that not everyone is the same size or has the same taste, time or wants.

I like to ensure that all my projects are variable & adaptable and, if possible, interchangeable or reversible to ensue that you can bead what you want to bead.

An example of this is my new Adorned Stars pattern. Its 50+ pages not only contain all the technique instructions so you can learn how to add adornment to your own Stars but also has 4 projects fully laid out (and multiple charts for each one showing different variations).

The smallest, and least adorned project, in there is my Shared Star with just 10 crystals beaded into it and then it goes right up to my Jubilee Star which has an amazing 90 bicones for lots of colour and sparkle!