Sparkle Stars Update

posted: Monday, 12 February 2018

I had a phone interview yesterday for an upcoming profile and a lot of our conversation turned to how I love that my work is always a work in progress.

I never feel a project is fully-finished and there can always be new variations, adaptions, adjustments etc.

Sometimes it's that I have an idea for a new variation on the project, or I've discovered a new bead that will work with the project (even if it means completely changing it up!).
Sometimes it's that over the years since I've made something my knowledge has increased and so I now know a new way to make something, or a better way to explain how to bead it.

I love when I get the chance to go back to a project and add all this in and share it with everyone who previously bought the pattern or did the class with me.

Annoyingly sometimes it can take years before I get that chance to sit and bead it or write up the instructions and the update to my Sparkle Stars pattern I'm sending out today is an example of that.

I originally beaded these back in 2009-2010 but it took until 2014 for me to write them up and teach them. Then in 2015 I launched them as a pattern but the project wasn't finished there...

I taught the project in September 2016 at the lovely BeadFX in Canada and was able to devote some time then to playing with new variations (and here) and then when I returned home I got to spend some time finishing the variations and making a new reversible Star but it's taken until recently that I actually had the chance to sit down and decipher my scribbled notes and write the new instructions up. So today I'm pleased to be able to share them - even if it has been a 8 year journey so far.

Who knows what variations I'll add to the pattern next...