Christmas 2017 Secret Beadalong - Day 23

posted: Saturday, 23 December 2017

Phew - another evening of intense beading as I really wanted to bead the an elf bauble to match the Santa one I did the other day using the pattern from Donna Louise Sanders/ Delicate Sparkles.

I'd even bought some bells for the shoes especially, and I know if I'd not have managed to do it this year I'd certainly never be able to find the bells come next year!

Elf all done, and hanging on the tree with Santa, I just needed to get the backs of all 3 of my new ornaments all beaded ready to be finished and hanging tomorrow... It took me until 1am but I got there (OK, I admit it, there were a lot of breaks for mince pie eating).

Now I really, really want to start at least 2 more Stars inspired by colours and variations I've seen people show on the Secret Beadalong Facebook page (you don't need an account to view it - just click on the link and then on 'posts' to see all the lovely photos people have done) and by some ideas I've had about variations etc...