Summer 2017 Secret Beadalong - Day 1

posted: Saturday, 29 July 2017

After so many months of planning, beading, writing, diagram drawing, and anticipating, my Summer 2017 Secret Beadalong is here!

I love Beadalong week (timed to coincide with National Beading Week though of course it can be beaded at any time) and this year I have managed to arrange a day of beading in London to kick it off.

I had such a busy, fun day that I completely forgot to take any photos of us all so sadly there's no visual record of the beading, fun, beadwork, give-aways, goodies and cream cakes we enjoyed.

But I did manage to take a photo of what I have beaded today (Day 1's work on the beadalong).

I carried on beading for a bit when I got home but a very annoying blister I developed yesterday when cooking (lesson learned- pay more attention to how you're holding it if you're going to stir a wooden spoon for hours) put paid to me finishing off.