New York 2010- Day 7

posted: Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Today begins with a return to the MAD Museum to see their Global Africa Project exhibition.

I loved the whole show and enjoyed seeing all just about every piece in it from the clothes, art work and coffin to the furniture and millinery.

But a real highlight of the show was the unexpected treat of getting to finally see in the flesh some work by the incredible bead artist Joyce Scott.

Having previously had a disastrous attempt to take a class with Joyce at the Istanbul bead confefence back in 2007 (I have just realised that I never wrote up my experiences and even now 3 years on I'm not sure I can put into words some of the events and con that went on) I was really pleased to see some of her work.

After the exhibit it was onto meet Carole Horn for lunch and a spot of bead shopping.

We squeezed in trips to York Beads (where I meet the lovely and very knowledgable Perry Brookstein), Tinsel Trading (where I was mesmerised by the choices of ribbons, trimmings, flowers and endless number of drawers you can root through to see what delights you find), City Beads (Bead Master USA to buy 1/2 kilo bags of seed beads to match the loverly daggers and fire-polished beads I had just bought at York Beads), Elliot Greene (to look at some great charlottes) and Beads World (where I treated myself to some new crystals to use in new versions of my Geometric 1-9-1).

After all that shopping I was ready for a break so took myself off to the cinema at Times Square to see The Town (which was great). As I had enjoyed that and was in a cinema mood, I stayed on and saw Skyline (the less said about that the better).

Then it was off to Thalia Restaurant to sit at the bar eating $1 oysters and discussing the merits or otherwise of both films.

As I had used up my year's quote of brackets it was back home to bed.