New York 2010- Day 4

posted: Sunday, 14 November 2010

My second day teaching for the Bead Society of Greater New York and todays class is Geometric 1-9-1.

This isn't a class I have taught before so I was really nice to see all the different varations appear during the day.

Ever since I made my first version of this I have meant to remake it in different colours but not found the time yet. However now I know about a new source for different crystals which will work perfectly I will be beading some very soon.

Unfortunately I completely forgot to take any photos of what was beaded during the class but instead you can see some great versions of the projects I taught during my trip last year which people bought in for me to see. The lovely lady modelling a star necklace is Susan Moore and the versions of Geometric 3-4-1 were by two different ladies.

After class it's a trip to the cinema and tiredness leads to a bit of a confusion which leads to me seeing the wrong film- but loving it!

I meant to see The Next Three Days but instead saw 127 Hours (see, an easy mistake to make when tired) which I had sworn not to watch as it didn't sound like something I'd enjoy but it was great.