posted: Friday, 22 December 2006

Visited the Imax cinema today to watch 'Happy Feet' in 2d and 'Santa vs the Snowman' in 3d. Then headed to China own for lunch, visited a fair in Leicester Square where I was petrified on the chairoplanes. Then had a nice walk back through Trafalgar Square- it's great to play tourist in London- especially with friends and family.

Still working on my new beaded beads- my wooden beads came and the 25mm ones are perfect-to the mm! I'm now playing around with the colours and designs to see what different effects I can create. My mind is also busy whirring as to what I can do with the 40mm wooden beads I bought.

I happened to be looking something up on a website the other day and discovered the new Swarovski 2mm beads! Of course I was immediately excited by all the prospects and at bead group on Saturday bought some, in black diamond, and they're perfect for filling the spaces where I join the shapes that make up the beaded beads.