A Weekend Of Culture

posted: Monday, 04 December 2006

Went away for the weekend- and very nice it was too! On Saturday we went to see Peter Layton at the London Glassblowing studios. I am in love with glass and it was fantastic to see him working with it. I first saw in real life glass-blowing in New Orleans in 2001 and was blown away watching them work. It is truly amazing to watch people in control of this amazing material and turning it into something beautiful. We watched Peter produce the most amazing Giraffe head, drank mulled wine and ate mince pies- it doesn’t get better than that!

On Sunday we went to the Tate Britain and viewed the Turner Prize entrants. I love modern art and am open to all different types of art but felt this was all a bit Emperor's New Clothes.

I also managed to finish my beaded collar I started a few weeks ago and I'm pleased to say it turned out even nicer than I expected- completely different from my original inspiration of course!

Also this week I received back my PMC Star Ornaments that I made using a kit from The PMC Studio. You made the ornaments and they fired and polished them all included in the cost. I had fun making them and was delighted with how nice they looked when finished- they'll look great on my Christmas Tree!

London Glassblowing studio
Turner Prize 2006

Glassblowing in New Orleans
Oak Tree at the Tate
The artist's words