Colour And Contrasts

posted: Thursday, 20 August 2009

Still in Paris I began my day by heading off to visit the Pere Lachaise Cemetary (virtual tour here).

It was an incredible place. Beautiful, peaceful and full of the most wonderful momuments.

I knew it contained come famous graves (Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf and Oscar Wilde) but wasn't expecting the war monuments. These absolutely blew me away. I don't know when they were made but they seemed very modern and pulled no punches with their depictions of the horrors of war. Walking down a whole avenue of them was very humbling.

After that it was a delight to see Oscar Wilde's grave with its strange markings- it took me until I was up close to realise that what looked strange from afar was stains from 1000s of lipstick kisses! If you're going to have people deface your grave there was worse things they could do.

I ended up spending hours wandering around looking at the thousands of graves and searching out the strange ones. Unfortunately I had come in through a side entrance without a map seller so was relying on my guidebook. If you go get a map!

After lunch I headed off to The Cartier Foundation to see "Born in the streets" an exhibiton about the birth and history of graffiti.

Then it was onto The Museum of Modern Art for a wander. The higlight was the La Fée Electricité (The Electric Fairy) by Raoul Dufy

Outside I spotted this 'tapeography' of Michael Jackson by Lagoutte.

The evening was spent beginning the real reason I was actually in Paris- to take a short course in Art Medal making with Marian Fountain

You may remember I first came across her work back in July so was delighted when she told me about a course I could do with her.

We're having lots of fun with plaster, wax, carving and designing and whilst I have no expectation of making anything worthwhile, I am really enjoying playing with new mediums and techniques.

You can see some more photos I took today on my Colour Challenge Blog.