Summer 2017 Secret Beadalong - Day 4

posted: Tuesday, 1st August 2017

Still no beading for me due to this annoying blister that makes it impossible for me to hold a needle. Very annoying as I have lots of beading I'm itching to do and had a whole lovely colour scheme picked out for my new version of my Summer 2017 Secret Beadalong.

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Summer 2017 Secret Beadalong

Note: Though the Beadalong has now started it's never too late to join in on any of them and have fun! The pattern is always available for sale and people join in every day (and even years later) so dive in and enjoy. You can also find my previous Summer Beadalongs here for 2016 and here for 2015.

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Geometric Pins Set

This is an opportunity to own a set of hand-coloured enamel pins, which were specially designed by me so that us beaders could have a colourful and fun way to play with our geometric beadwork and create interchangeable brooches/ pins. (I also have a floral based pin set available here).

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