Jubilee and Shared Star

posted on Friday, 11 May 2018

When I design any project I always try and give a lot of variations as I know that not everyone is the same size or has the same taste, time or wants.

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Adorned Stars

posted on Thursday, 10 May 2018

Phew - after literally years of work my new patterns and updated patterns are launched today.

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Zaila In Bungay

posted on Wednesday, 09 May 2018

A lovely trip to Bungay today in the beautiful sunshine to teach my Zaila class.

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Coming Soon - Adorned Stars

posted on Tuesday, 08 May 2018

All will be revealed in 2 days...

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Draplin And Inspiration

posted on Friday, 04 May 2018

I discovered today that Aaron James Draplin was visiting London and giving a talk and quickly re-arranged everything to get there ASAP.

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Chocolate And Cocktails

posted on Wednesday, 02 May 2018

A much-missed friend is visiting London at the moment and today was the perfect day to take her out for craft chocolate tasting and cocktails - neither of which there is much of in Malawi where she's...

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Bead Group And Bluebells

posted on Tuesday, 01 May 2018

Today began with a few hours work on photographs and instructions and then I headed to bead group to catch-up with friends and work on this necklace which has been in progress for a few months but...

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Project Photography Week

posted on Monday, 30 April 2018

I have a very busy week with over 20 projects needing photos done and their instructions finished sadly some have to remain secret for a little while hence the blurring in the photo.

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Coming Very Soon

posted on Sunday, 29 April 2018

I know I’ve been teasing this for a while but the delay is very easily explained by the fact that this pattern update (it’s so much more than that) has now grown to make it over 130 pages - yikes!

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Carrier Beads And Crystals

posted on Thursday, 26 April 2018

I first saw a necklace made using carrier beads way back in 2012 when I first taught in germany (I wish I could find my photo and the name of the person wearing it as I'd love to give them credit!

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