7 New Projects

posted: Thursday, 28 March 2013

Phew - my first batch of new projects for the book and all their instructions are done and ready to hand in. I have also done all the instructions I need to for the other contributors and am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. Just in time for the countdown for the next batch to begin!

I am heading off to Tucson and Florida in a weeks time so have to get my head down to get all my work done before then so excuse me if I go quiet again.

Doing this book has been great fun and it's been interesting working on ideas which have nothing to do with geometric beadwork. Okay there may be a triangle project in there...

As well as techniques I don't often use, such as right-angle weave and spiral rope, I have enjoyed sitting and playing with beads I don't usually use such as the bicones I mentioned recently and bugle beads. I would never usually use bugles as I am so wary of them, and I love cylinder beads so much, but sitting and experimenting has given me a new found love for them and I've enjoyed exploring how their shape works well in different projects.