Stash Increasing

posted: Sunday, 10 May 2009

My last day at the Great British Bead Show and after teaching my Geometric Beaded Beads in the morning to another lovely group I am free to shop- and boy do I take advantage of the situation!

I thought I had already bought my lot with all the rivolis and size 15 delicas the other day but still there managed to be some beads to tempt me along the way.

I ended up with a fantastic lapis cabochon from Designer Cabochons- how could I resist the shape?!? Look out for that surrounded by a triangular bezel very soon.

I also bought lots of 4mm czech facetted beads- perfect both for the Valerie Hector class I'm doing in a week, the beaded beads I had been teaching this morning and a new colour idea I'm working on...

At one of the stands the guy was delighted I had bought yellow beads as he'd ordered them and his wife was sure no-one would buy them. He couldn't wait to show her that someone had bought them and proved him right. I had to disappoint him and point out I was only buying them because I hated yellow beads but was challenging myself to use them!