GBBS 2017 - Day 4

posted: Saturday, 06 May 2017

It's my last class at the Great British Bead Show and today it's Zaila.

I'm really glad to finally teach this class as it has been a work in progress for over 5 years and I'm excited to see where its journey goes now that I have begun to share it and other people play with its possibilities.

I love taking and teaching classes as there is always such a great exchange in so many directions. It's never just limited to the project at hand, but other beading related things like colour, ideas, materials etc are discussed and there can be a great emotional and intellectual exchange as people talk and share about their lives. You don't get any of that sitting in front of YouTube!

I know some people can't attend classes for many reasons but if you can do go to some. Not only do you support your local shop and designers around the world you also will get so much in return.

Today was just another example of what happens when beaders unite with, over 16 years since I first beaded it, someone showing me a much nicer turn for the end of odd-count peyote stitch - amazing!

I shot a quick video of it here so you can get the basics and see if you can incorporate it into your work.