Surrounded By White

posted: Saturday, 26 July 2014

As I wrote I would the other day I've now begun beading the final example of my new project all in white (well apart from the Blue Zircon crystals that is... I couldn't not add in some colour!).

So far I'm liking it, it really makes the crystal colour pop, but I'm not sure if it will look OK all in white, nor how I'll photograph it. Still those worries are quite a few hours of beading away so I'll put them to the back of my mind for now.

Until then I'll keep bezelling chatons and making components.

I had never used chatons until recently, though I had somehow accumulated a little collection of them on my travels, and I'm enjoying playing with their small size and learning how to bead around their pointed backs and allow for those in my design.

Their smaller size (I'm using SS39 which are around 8.4mm) means I have to use different beads that I would if bezelling rivolis (size 15 Delicas and seed beads) and make sure my beading is tight as there is so little of it that tension and adjustments are hard to do.

Continuing the white theme I'm taking advantage of being at home and beginning to finally unpack, buy furniture and decorate. First up is a spare bedroom which I have planned to do all in white... with hints of blue.

I wonder which came first, the room colour scheme or the project...