Small Beads Big Jewelry Is Here!

posted: Monday, 06 January 2014

The world of book writing is a strange one and I'm sure I'll never understand all its mysteries. One thing that always seems magical to me is the journey through which an idea I have travels from my mind to my hands as I bead it and then into print which then travels the world spreading that idea.

Today that I got to see that the journey, which began many years ago for some projects, nearing completion as I received some copies of 'Small Beads, Big Jewelry' and got to pour over its pages.

I'm immensely proud of this book as I wanted to combine projects which would entice a beginner, challenge a more seasoned beader and contain fresh ideas and projects to please anyone. Looking through its pages I think I achieved that.

As well as the 30 projects (20 from me and 10 from other designers) and technique instructions the book also contains lots of info about beading in different parts of the world and info on the designers I chose to work with. Up until now I've mainly kept them secret but the full list of designers involved is (in no particular order) :
Amanda Preske (Happy Rainbow)
Eva Cadkova (Purple Lilac Jewelry)
Maria Lindemann (AmaltheaCph)
Shirley Lim (Beading Fantasy)
Shelley Nybakke (Sturdy Girl Designs)
Arantxa A
Mortira Natasha van Pelt (Sage's Cupboard)
Justine Standaert (JustineJustine)
Juanita Carlos (Jaycee Patterns)
Debbie van Tonder (Debger Designs)

The book has two different covers, and UK/ US versions of the title, due to different publishers handling different territories, but the content is the same. It will be available in either February or March, depending on which one you purchase. Ask for this book at your local bead, craft or book store or find more ordering information here and I hope it gives you lots of beading inspiration!