So Sad

posted: Wednesday, 01 May 2013

I wrote my copyright blog a week or so ago and was absolutely shocked by the hundreds of responses I received, since then I have been working my way through all the messages and emails and trying to reply to everyone but it's taking a long time- sorry.

Many of the messages were passionate on a particular subject and that saddened me. That feeling was brought on by the sheer number of emails I had from beaders who said they had previously been ashamed to even show the work they had done from classes and instructions with others etc and many who had even stopped beading as a result. They seemed to feel there was a general 'looking down' on anyone who beaded something that they didn't design themselves. That struck me as so sad. I personally LOVE beading from other people's instructions- it reminds me why I started beading in the first place! I can merrily bead away without worrying will it turn out ok, I'm less stressed about colour combinations as having seen the finished result I know it will work, and my mind is not filled with concerns about writing instructions or drawing diagrams. Mind you I am also reminded of just how bad I am at reading instructions - oops.

I think no less of the work I have made using someone else's instructions and am sad that some people were made to feel this way. Everyone who wrote to me with that issue said they took heart from what I wrote and I am glad they took it in the way it was intended. I also look forward to seeing more photos of the work they created getting out there- the World needs more beadwork not less!

I was also really touched by all the designers who contacted me saying they were driven by what I wrote to change their policies and publicly state they encouraged others to sell work once they had completed the class, bought the kit, downloaded the instructions etc. I hope it will bring about a more open culture where beaders are able to purchase kits, classes etc knowing what they are paying for and what the designer thinks they can do with it right from the start.

Up until today the debate has carried on and been pleassant and interesting. I have seen the blog shared around the World, posted in Yahoo groups and even heard of it being printed out and being read at bead groups for those who don't have the internet. I would love to be a fly on the wall at those as it is debated!

All of those people took it in the spirit it was meant and I am glad of that. I'm sure not everyone agreed with me but they have been so polite that it hasn't appeared so and all the conversations which took place seemed to be in the interest of supporting beaders and designers who can only be a good thing.

But, as I read on through all the messages I was struck that a lot of them called me brave and warned me to brace myself and, perhaps naively, I thought them pessimistic.

But then today things have weirdly taken a bad turn and I am now weary of doing battle with people who think that, because their opinion is different than mine, the best way to converse with me is with personal insults, accusations about my conduct and general hatred and arguments. Others who tried to engage in a polite discussion and air their thoughts have also been attacked and that is such a shame.

I fear now that, understandably, people have been scared off and what was a lively and interesting discussion, and an important one I think, has perhaps been brought to an early end. So now I am sad that the actions of just a few people have altered the discussion from its original intent and it's become lost in anger. I can only wonder if that was the intent.

I have said right from the start that what I wrote was my opinion and that everyone is entitled to theirs and I wanted to hear them - and that still stands. But I really am not interested in vicious arguments and insults - life's too short and I have beading to do!

Speaking of which I am still working away on my newest pattern. I keep thinking it is nearly done and then want to bead just one more variation. I have seven now in total! This version uses a 27mm crystal and small little rondelles.

Look out for the pattern being launched tomorrow with my new newsletter.