London Crochet Meetup

posted: Friday, 31 August 2007

Went to the London Crochet Meetup (or here for the blog) for the first time last night- and really enjoyed myself. It was a great group, doing a range of crocheting and knitting, including someone doing an amigurumi cat- a lady after my own heart!

The lady concerned was Michelle Ryan who happens to teach the crochet classes I was interested in attending. So I picked her brains about the classes and will be on the phone later signing up for them!

I also picked Michelle's brains about my new yarn purchases- I went to John Lewis and bought enough wool to make a skirt from this book and a skirt from Viva La Provence skirt from an old issue of Interweave Crochet. They'll be my first crochet project where size and gauge is actually important- not like my usual amigurumi or scarves- very nerve-wracking! Michelle was obviously the font of all crochet knowledge and I'm eagerly awaiting the course now.

The meetup is run by Helda who also runs a great blog on food and cooking from the Seychelles and another foodie one - I recommend them all!

I spent the evening starting my new crocheted gnome- so far I've done his head and beard!